Bedroom bed – different interior design styles

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For years, the most popular model that we meet in homes are wooden classic beds. A classic cheap beds usually consist of several basic elements, which makes the selection and installation easier. The frame of a classic bed, usually wooden or veneered, a frame and a mattress – these are the elements that build the most important piece of furniture in every bedroom. For a classic bed we usually choose bedside tables in the same colour.

Upholstered beds are another type of bed. They are usually upholstered with natural leather, ecological leather or fabric. We have different models of headrests to choose from, and many versions are equipped with a capacious bedding locker. When arranging a bedroom with an upholstered bed, we can choose bedside tables and accessories, which style refers to the whole decor. After all, these beds appear in bedrooms in the following style: minimalist, glamour, traditional, and even aloft.

Metal beds also enjoy unflagging popularity in bedroom designs. The white ones can be chosen for the bedroom in shabby chic style, and the classic black metal bed is perfect for romantic and rustic interiors.